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A seamless and simple approach

Our process


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We are very experienced and able to help you understand design opportunities for your project. From receiving the property address, a brief description of what you want to achieve, to include timings budget and any specialist requirements, we will provide a handy desktop appraisal to help focus your direction within 48 hours.


Feasibility Concept and Planning

RIBA Workstages 0-3: Once appointed, we provide concept design options for your consideration. These are developed into a preferred design solution which forms the basis of the Planning Application process. We submit and monitor the Planning application and address any matters arising with the Local Authority.


Technical Coordination + Tender

RIBA Workstage 4: Once Planning is granted, we work with the Design Team (engineers appointed direct by client) to progress the design into a technically coordinated set of tender drawings. This is issued to an agreed list of 3-4 Main Contractors to acquire pricing. At this stage Party Wall notices are also served, and any Thames Water Buildover applications prepared.


Site works, Contract Administration, Completion

RIBA Workstages 5-7: We typically run the project on site for our clients, acting as the Contract Administrator to ensure progress and payments are as required. We coordinate kitchens, bathrooms goods and finishes with the project and typically help clients in product selection. At handover we snag the project, address final account, retention release and defects period.


What is Permitted Development?

Permitted Development allows homeowners to proceed more quickly on site so long as the criteria as stipulated within the technical guidance is complied with in full. Despite being established as a means to speed up home improvements PD can actually be implemented in such a way as to achieve more than may be possible using the Planning Application route. It is the case that sometimes more is possible using PD than would be allowed under a Planning Application or Householder route. ADB are highly experienced in the application of PD to make best use of space and achieve the best Architectural arrangement.


Planning or Permitted Development - which is the best route?

How and when PD rights are implemented can greatly affect the options of your property. ADB can advise on the best route to proceed with. In some instances this can be a combination of both Planning and Permitted Development to make best use of space and maximise the design potential of a property.