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Conservation Area Architect – Atelierdb

The Practice has specialist experience working on interventions, modifications and repairs to Listed Buildings and Historic properties.

As Architects working across London we encounter historic assets on a daily basis. Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian properties make up the majority of buildings within Central London Boroughs. Some are recognised by local Planning Departments as having positive qualities and require them to be protected using a number of means:

  • Conservation area status
  • Locally Listed Building
  • Listed Building

Conservation Areas help to preserve and showcase some truly beautiful Architectural solutions by controlling what can and cannot be undertaken in terms of alterations, material changes and extensions. Some Conservation Areas are less stringent than others with all historical references and information typically being available via the Local Authority Planning department. In some Areas Conservation Officers can focus solely on the front elevation and streetscape. In other Areas there can be more scrutiny on the overall Asset, with Conservation teams being resistant to changes at the rear.

Locally Listed Buildings are those which add value to a streetscene or character of an Area by the fact they are an irreplaceable historic asset. These will likely have quality materials and design or arrangement helping to raise the Architectural quality within the locality.

Listed Buildings are so recognised as they have stood the test of time, being of special Architectural and/or Historic Interest. A known example of a Listed Building is St. Pauls Cathedral by Sir Christopher Wren. A possibly lesser known example is the ‘Brutalist’ Barbican Centre by Chamberlin Powell & Bon. Whilst St. Pauls Cathedral can clearly be understood as an important and beautifully assembled building, the Barbican centre is recognised due to it being a seminal Architectural response with high quality of design and construction, including a strong concept for living that has stood the test of time (with good managment!).

All Listed Buildings must be preserved for future generations and therefore any changes, maintenance alterations or extensions must be formally applied for using a Planning and a Listed Building Application to the relevant Planning Department. The Owner of any property must ensure that it is adequately maintained more so with Listed Buildings to prevent damage from weather ingress and more. Listed buildings have extra legal protection within the planning system.

When an Historic Asset is Listed a description will be given to specifically explain the unique character and reasons. Whilst this Listing description may reference limited areas of a property, it must be remembered that the Whole Asset is protected including all elements from ridge to floor, external wall to floor beam. Any changes must have approval from the Conservation Officers formally approved prior to works being undertaken. It is likely that some form of ‘harm’ will have occurred over the lifespan of the Building. It is critical to record and evidence any known changes once discovered so that a better understanding of the historical form and integrity of the asset can be updated.

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    We used Atelierdb to design and project manage our kitchen extension. We found David extremely professional and with great attention to detail. The design process was tailored and iterative to ensure we met our objectives wherever possible, and the project management service was invaluable to keep us on track (and sane!) during the building works. We are now delighted with the new living space that it has achieved for us.

    — Zoe Lelliott


    It has been an absolute pleasure working with Atelierdb from the initial planning and design of the project right through to completion. Not only did they deliver on the brief, they managed to exceed our expectations on what could be done to the space (whilst staying within budget!). The entire process remained stress-free thanks to the ongoing communication between Atelierdb and the building contractor, allowing the project to be completed on time and to a very high standard. Highly recommended.

    — Danny and Lara Moody


    We appointed Atelierdb to re-design our house prior to a full renovation. We were extremely pleased with the service, David and his team provided many layout possibilities, they were flexible and professional throughout and always had solutions. I would highly recommend them.

    — Jennifer Pitt

    Heaver Estate Conservation Area

    We're very happy with the basement living space which was created as part of a larger renovation of the property. atelierdb helped us focus on the relevant issues at the relevant time and were particularly diligent in administering the building contract.

    — Stewart Quinn

    Northcote Road Battersea

    We have recently completed our kitchen extension project and I can only recommend David and his team. The support and patience during the design phase was great and the project management and support during the construction has been really helpful. They turned an idea into an amazing living space.

    — Michela Bariletti


    We have since moved into a larger property and project and we are now working with atelierdb for the second time.

    — Carol O'Gorman